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Rome City Experience

Discover Rome with two privately guided walking tours
Accompanied by an experienced local guide, visit the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Basilica as well as the top sites of Classical Rome...

  • 4 nights
  • From £499pp
Florence, Perugia & Rome

Take a trip through three great regions of Italy rich in culture and history
Galleries, world-class art treasures and history harking back to Pre-Roman times, these cities will more than whet your appetite for cultural enlightenment...

  • 8 nights
  • From £599pp
Venice, Florence & Rome

The classic Italian combination, Venice, Florence & Rome. Nobody ever leaves these cities disappointed.
Spellbinding art and stunning architecture, intertwined by a compelling history that kindles the imagination...

  • 7 nights
  • From £599pp
Ravenna & Bologna

The Emilia Romagna region is renowned for its refined cities, rich gastronomy and significant cultural heritage
Get a flavour of the region with a trip to Ravenna & Bologna where you can partake of local delicacies whilst unravelling historical tales dating back to the Etruscans...

  • 4 nights
  • From £399pp
Pisa, Lucca & Florence

Tuscany's stunning natural diversity, has been complimented through the ages by a proportionately sublime artistic and cultural heritage
Discovers some of Tuscany's finest treasures with a triple centre break to Pisa, Lucca and Florence...

  • 7 nights
  • From £549pp
Rome City Break

Experience the history, culture, religion and art that have shaped the city of Rome as we know it today
No need for an agenda, just lose yourself in a labyrinth of historic streets…

  • 2 nights
  • From £199pp
Florence City Break

Enchanting & magical, birthplace of the Renaissance and an art-lover's paradise
Experience a world of extraordinary timeless beauty, where past and present sit effortlessly side by side…

  • 2 nights
  • From £199pp
Venice City Break

Slip away from the tourist clichés and you will be overawed by the beauty and elegance of this most unique city
Think romance, mystery, stunning architecture, priceless art, canals and piazzas…

  • 2 nights
  • From £199pp
Rome & Florence

Two of Italy's most important cities both historically and culturally
Balance the magnitude of Rome's bounteous history with the aesthetic finery of Florence for a sensational twin centre break...

  • 6 nights
  • From £499pp
Lucca, Montecatini Terme & Florence

A triple centre treat for lovers of renaissance art and architecture
Florence is no doubt the ultimate destination for lovers of the Renaissance, but don't just stop there. Explore a little further and discover the treasures of Lucca and Montecatini Terme...

  • 7 nights
  • From £589pp
Venice & Rome

Experience two very different aspects of Italian city life with a classic twin centre break
Take Venetian gondolas, romantic canals & priceless art and fuse them together with Roman gladiators, stunning architecture and history on a magnificent scale...

  • 6 nights
  • From £499pp
Turin City Break

Turin was the first capital of modern-day Italy, which is still evident in its beautiful baroque buildings and piazzas
Set against the stunning backdrop of the Alps and home to both the Turin Shroud and one of Italy's most beautiful cathedrals...

  • 2 nights
  • From £199pp
Florence City Experience

One of Europe's most beautiful cities deserves to be showcased through the knowledge of a local guide
Immerse yourself in a world of famous paintings, sculptures and architecture...

  • 4 nights
  • From £499pp
Perugia City Break

Capital of Umbria, Perugia is a petite city where you will immediately feel at home
Explore the medieval Cattedrale di San Lorenzo and take in the atmosphere of this deeply historic city...

  • 2 nights
  • From £199pp
Milan, Parma & Bologna

A triple centre holiday to three fascinating and historic cities
Discover Milan's stunning Gothic cathedral, explore Parma's delightful historic old town and immerse yourself in the artistic and cultural centre of Bologna...

  • 7 nights
  • From £599pp
Sorrento & the Amalfi Coast with Pompeii & Herculaneum

Facing the Bay of Naples and perched atop cliffs, Sorrento is renowned for its outstanding coastal location
Discover the beauty of the Amalfi Coast & the intriguing history of Pompeii and neighbouring Herculaneum on two included small group excursions...

  • 7 nights
  • From £999pp
Cagliari City Break

Sardinia is not just dazzling beaches, Cagliari is a city that more than merits a visit with its intriguing historic quarters
Visit the fortified quarter of the Castello, the Elephant and Saint Pancras Towers, and Saint Mary’s Cathedral, situated in the beautiful Piazza Palazzo that is also site of the Palazzo Regio...

  • 3 nights
  • From £269pp
Assisi, Arezzo & Perugia

Steeped in history, Assisi, Arezzo & Perugia are fascinating cities to explore
Feel the spirit of St Fancis in Assisi, enjoy a evening stroll around Arezzo's beautiful central square and admire the medieval Cattedrale di San Lorenzo in Perugia...

  • 7 nights
  • From £569pp