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Berlin City Experience

Get to know this fascinating city with two privately guided walking tours
Over the last century, Berlin has been burdened with more history than many cities will experience in a millenium...

  • 4 nights
  • From £599pp
Berlin City Break

Berlin has been burdened with more history than many cities will experience in a millennium
Any city that has been torn apart and pieced back together again is going to have tale or two to tell. Berlin is no exception...

  • 2 nights
  • From £199pp
Berlin & Prague

Fast moving and forward thinking, Berlin likes to take centre stage. By contrast Prague exudes an air of bygone times with its fairy-tale cityscape
Discover a blend of modern day history and old-world charm as you explore these fascinating cities...

  • 6 nights
  • From £499pp
Berlin Christmas Markets

It is often said that Berlin is the Christmas market capital of Europe and with over 50 separate markets on offer it is easy to see why
Head to the Charlottenburg Castle to see one of Germany's most famous Christmas markets...

  • 2 nights
  • From £199pp
Munich Christmas Markets

A wonderful market offering beautiful, traditional Bavarian Christmas gifts
Another contender for Europe's best Christmas market, Munich transforms itself into a veritable winter wonderland at this special time of year...

  • 2 nights
  • From £199pp
Leipzig, Dresden & Cologne

Leipzig and Dresden are successfully returning to their former glory after the tumultuous times of the 20th century. Cologne is home to one of Europe's most visited cathedrals
Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, fascinating history and delicious regional cuisine of these welcoming German cities...

  • 7 nights
  • From £699pp
Munich, Salzburg & Vienna

A wonderful combination of Bavarian hospitality and Austrian splendour
Sample one of Munich's many beer halls, explore Salzburg, a city rich in music and culture and marvel at the magnificent Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna...

  • 7 nights
  • From £599pp
Slovenia & Croatia

Slovenia and Croatia, two countries lavishing in beauty both natural and man-made
Get to know alluring Lake Bled, the pretty Slovenian capital Ljubljana, historic Zagreb and the exuberant seaside city of Split…

  • 14 nights
  • From £1499pp
Cologne City Break

Explore the city sights like a tourist by day, but don’t be surprised if you end up whiling the night away like a local
With over 2000 years of history, Cologne offers everything from Roman towers to Gothic churches to fine examples of modern architecture...

  • 2 nights
  • From £199pp